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Thanos Antoniou is a 26-year-old curious mind which originates from Volos, Greece. He has lived in his home country until the age of 23 when he decided to continue his adventure abroad.

He is currently living in Stockholm, Sweden.

Thanos has received university education in Accounting and Financial matters and is occupied as a Business Controller in a Global 2000 corporation in the sector of Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

His interests are photography and fitness along with book reading and writing. A bottle of wine and good company is the preferable evening plans.

This daily blog is the outlet that Thanos decided to use in order to externalize his ideas without any filter and without muffling his voice. The whole point of it is to approach everyday life with skepticism in order to initiate a proper dialogue.

Thanos is also active on Medium, Quora and Twitter.

Top Five books:
1) Homo Deus, Harari
2) 1984, G. Orwell
3) 12 rules to live by, J. Peterson
4) The tale of Sisyphus, Camus
5) Zorbas the Greek, N. Kazantzakis